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Advising your Business - Guiding your Board- Supporting Your CEO


John Burchill learned about business through his work as a business lawyer with some of the UK's most recognised brands. But more than this, his career and personal experiences have taught him that people, relationship building, good communications and a positive culture is what really breeds business success. 

Good Business Practice and a Positive Culture

Even though business systems, processes, the law and regulation provide the framework for businesses to operate (and we help you to give care and consideration to these things), it is people who really make the difference. 

Looking after your key business relationships, your employees and fostering positivity, creativity and people development is the way to go. This means eradicating defensiveness, poor leadership and negative culture. Our approach to giving business advice and guidance is inclusive of these principles.

How We Work

With more than 30 years experience of working in many different business and company set ups, as a business lawyer, General Counsel, CEO, Non-Executive Director and Chair we understand what drives business success.

We focus on 3 core skills and apply these across our 3 core services

The 3 Core Skills needed for Business Success are:

(1) Relationship Building Skills

(2) Strong Communications 

(3) Business Best Practice

We apply these 3 Core Skills across our 3 Core Services which involve:

(1) Advising your Business

(2) Guiding your Board 

(3) Mentoring your Leader

Giving attention to these 3 core skills is not easy, however, if your business neglects them it will soon run into problems. When you get to the point of firefighting problems and resorting to the nearest solicitor to help you, you know that your business has been following the wrong path.

We explain in more detail how we can get you onto the right path. Click the blue button above and to the right of this page to learn more.

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Our services are designed to get your business into better shape, to organise and refresh your Board and to support and guide your CEO.